Fate/stay night Film — Ranks #1 in DVD/BD Sales!

The Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works film sold 44,000 copies to debut at #1 on Oricon's Blu-ray Disc sales chart for the September 27-October 3 week. It is the first time that any home video release of Fate/stay night — DVD or Blu-ray — has ranked #1. Until now, the highest that any release in the franchise has ranked on the weekly charts was #2; the sixth volume of the television anime series reached that rank in August of 2006 by selling 22,000 copies on DVD.

The DVD version of the film sold 10,997 copies to rank #1 for the week as well.

[via Anime News Network]
I've been wanting to download the 1080p version all this time... yet, 9GB seems a space too big for me. :<

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