Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - 88/100 Review

I love this anime.

I’d like to let you know how much I love Maid-sama! despite the negative comments on different (re)viewers.

(1) I’ve heard that Special A > Maid-sama! but hear me out, I have never tried/wanted to watch Special A. Lots of my female friends here in our school, when I ask about interesting anime (that’s ‘romantic drama’), recommends me to watch Special A. For so many times, I wanted to watch that show but there was really nothing that makes me think that it’s special. I’ve watched a few harem, bishounen, shoujo anime before, but I personally think they aren’t outstanding. I’d really prefer something like Maid-sama! wherein there’s a girl and a boy that turns out to like each other, but then another boy appears out of nowhere and interferes their relationship but couldn’t even budge it (at least a little bit).

(2) The atmostphere - an unusual ending: kiss then fight (tease)? It really made me feel the atmosphere as though I was the one trying to kiss a superhuman girl. Same goes to the humor (3).

(3) What makes them special is lovecom. In connection with the fifth compliment on Maid-sama!, what makes a ‘romantic drama’ unique is its comedy. I fairly think that Maid-sama! has accomplished that very well and it has made me laugh about lots of things well.

(4) Eye candy art. What’s so nice about Maid-sama! is because it has a really amazing feel on the effects on ‘lovely’ scenes/situations. Though, I don’t want to put it disappointingly, it’s not as good as Kimi ni Todoke’s but it’s enough artwork masterpiece to watch it.

(5) Maid-sama! has unrealistic characters; Takumi Usui who’s almost perfect, and Misaki who’s almost perfect, which makes them the superhuman couple. Honestly, I’m tired of watching anime that’s too incline with reality. For example, Kimi ni Todoke. I really love that show, and I give it a 90/100 as my rating. But if you think about it, if I have watched Kimi ni Todoke (disregarding the ending), would I still be interested to watch more romance (that’s incline with reality)? Sure, the second time I watch another romance like Kimi ni Todoke probably wouldn’t bore me, but sooner or later, there’ll be nothing. (Action and adventure genre is a different story, same with comedy, etc… They have different materials so it’s not really good to compare them with this romantic drama that’d just end obviously [includes the topic, Maid-sama!, and the specially mentioned, Kimi ni Todoke.])

(6) The buildup is great. When Hinata Shintani appears, it made me really praise Maid-sama! when Hinata said, “You look really cute in your maid uniform.” Those words made me think that Misaki really does look good in it. “So what’s the buildup in it?” If I’m correct, the 4 episodes before the appearance of Hinata didn’t show Misaki in her maid clothes. It made you forget about the physical appearance (or at least, the outfit) because of the enjoyment you get in this anime. When she wore the maid clothes, it made me say, “Really nice clothes,” right before Hinata said she’s cute in it.

(7) I prioritize Maid-sama! more than the other anime. I don’t know why but Maid-sama! doesn’t seem to be that appealing compared to other shows like Shiki, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes, Occult Academy, etc. It makes me wait until Saturday 22PM until the release of the latest subbed episode of Maid-sama!. How much I love this anime is over the top. If people say to me that liking this anime is stupid, then I’d rather like this stupid anime than other anime.

So, basically, Maid-sama! has unrealistic characters, fine line of comedy, great buildup for particular scenes, nice Takumi rival, the feel of the atmosphere, and the pleasing feeling before, during, and after watching it.

(8th Compliment)
It almost has moe, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, and has an Internet sensation cross-dressing guy that looks like a cute girl when he wears girly clothes, but also looks really manly when he wears manly clothes.

[Note: I just realized, through the bullet-listing style, you could actually finish a review like this. Why haven’t I thought about this before?]

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