Wallpaper Redemption by yuukine

Because everyone returns to heaven someday,
You'll never need to say goodbye.

Currently, I'm using a wallpaper provided by `yuukine, a Senior Member in Anime Paper, my #1 source of anime wallpapers. The author also wants to specially thank `Valuna and `alenas.

What I find so amazing in this wallpaper is its painting. Its "painting effects" really makes me fall in love with it. The original wallpaper isn't really like it; the image you see above is basically forced to fit the whole desktop (1366 x 768), so it cuts the other parts of the wallpaper.

If I'm correct, the previous version of this wallpaper has a tree (though it's still cut with my desktop settings). And, not to be rude, it really destroys the beauty of the wallpaper.

Hope you like this wallpaper, too.

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