Amagami SS — OP1, ED1, ED2, & ED3

OP: 「i Love」 by azusa - Download!

Vocals: azusa
Lyrics: azusa
Composition: azusa
Arrangement: azusa & t.sato

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ED1: 「キミの瞳に恋してる」 (Kimi no Hitomi ni Koi Shiteru; I'm in Love with Your Eyes) by 伊藤静 (Itou Shizuka) - Download!

Vocals: Ito Shizuka as Morishima Haruka
Lyrics: Fushimi Kazuyuki
Composition: Tsunami Kohei
Arrangement: Tsunami Kohei

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ED2: 「きっと明日は…」 (Kitto Ashita wa…; Surely Tomorrow...) by 佐藤利奈 (Satou Rina) - Download!

Vocals: Sato Rina as Tanamachi Kaoru
Lyrics: Ogawa Maki
Composition: Yokoyama Masaru
Arrangement: Yokoyama Masaru

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ED3: 「あなたしか見えない」 (Anata Shika Mienai; I Can Only See You) by 今野宏美 (Konno Hiromi) - Download!

Vocals: Konno Hiromi as Nakata Sae
Lyrics: Kurosawa Naoya
Composition: Kurosawa Naoya
Arrangement: Kurosawa Naoya

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