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Introduction — "Boredom Kills so I Made This Blog"

Introductions are probably the worst thing that I could make as a blog post. I mean, really, I could blab about myself all day long, problem is, how do I start introducing myself? So, right now, I’m basically just saying what my mind is speaking right now. But anyway, here I go and give this introduction a try.

As my first blog post, it’s pretty nice and really better to start with an introduction post.

I’m known mainly as Xevar in various online communities but most of the time, you’ll find me as a lurker (especially these days since I’ve been busy with school work). Currently, I’m planning on blogging shows this Autumn (September to November, if I’m correct). I also blog randomly depending on the occasion but I’m blog more of what my theme in this blog is so it’ll be mostly Japanese-related such as anime music, manga, and news in anime industries. I’m really into mostly any shows but probably action and dramatic/lovecom genres are on top.

As you’ve noticed, I said I’m busy with school work which, most of the time, you can find me as a lurker. It might sound weird and all that when I’ve just got into this blogging hobby, but actually, the happiness you feel from the difference between blogging and doing the things before I started lurking is really big. When I blog, it really energizes me giving me some weird exciting feeling especially when I hear my favorite anime music or when I try to remember the awesome episodes of my favorite anime, compared to doing those “meant-to-be-lurked” things.

That aside, I don’t know how to read Japanese and I watch anime so I’ll be watching them sub. Just a note: you might see some screenshots that I’ll be putting up with subs so I’m really, awfully sorry if you’re annoyed by it.

I hope you can give me a fine welcome as much as I want to give you one. Enjoy reading the blog posts in this blog!

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