AMV Samurai Champloo by Koys and Soul's Team

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An AMV made by Koys and studio Soul's Team entitled "Tabidachi" from the anime, Samurai Champloo. It uses the song of Yoshida Brothers also entitled "Tabidachi". It premiered on September 6, 2010.

What I love about this AMV is that it uses an instrumental soundtrack, and has a nice, serious atmosphere. It also has a plot for the video and easily understood without any 'plothole'. Though what surprises me the most is that the intro (where you can see the "Soul's Team" phrase) kind of 'degrades' it. Without rewatching it, it's almost as though it never happened.

Another thing about this AMV is its timing. When you hear the instrument pluck/strum, it changes its 'picture' or scene.

This is probably one of the best AMV.

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