"Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is Special!"

Based on the 25 episodes that I've watched this series, I can say that Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is a nice series that's worth a green-lit for a second season. The preview of episode 25 really sadden me up to say, "Kaichou wa Maid-sama! is ending next week." But with hopes high up, there have been green-lits acting up this year, so I'm sure there's Kaichou wa Maid-sama!!.

EDIT: Few days after watching this episode, it really hurts me to see Hinata cry and all that. I know, it really isn't manly to do so, but it's one of those things that you can only do. I really want to cheer him up ever since he's been centered around in this episode. This is another reason why I want a green-lit... NOW!

[This post was intended for my impression of episode 25, though most of these comments are responses to some comments in RandomC.]

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While watching episode 25, the second-to-the-last episode of the series, my perspective on Usui has really changed ever since I've heard about the rumors on the teacher I've been looking up to. Before I speak more about what the issue is all about, it'd be nice if you take this blog post really personally (in my perspective) than you usually do.

The teacher that I mentioned is a Geometry teacher. He's really smart, and went to a military school. Teachers can be different in many ways, but the way he teaches is really in a lightning speed. We, the students in our room, have been having a lot of problems in Geometry, regardless of the fact that our teacher teaches us really fast. For me, it's one of those special subjects that you need a self study than just have a teacher that manages your study. [Skipping all the other info.] While being raised in a military school, he's a strict teacher. Of the reason why I italicized 'strict', that's because he is the only teacher that imposes discipline through push-ups, squat press, and all of those other tiring exercises (at least for me, since I never exercise).

As the first quarter passed by, I got a good grade: 84. Why's it good? In our classroom, the highest grade there is, is 85; and we're the second section. In the first section, their lowest grade is 85. Sounds absurd, right? Well, what'd you expect... from these rumors:

There have been a lot of issues about the teacher I've been looking up high. To begin with, why is it that our classmate, who has high scores in activities, quizzes, tests, and our periodical test, got only 82, wherein I, who had a bad start, got 84? Weird, right? Well, that's because we're doubting about how he grades. He grades based on his "impression" or what the student did to him. In short, favoritism. It's kind of sad... no, it is sad.

So, why can I say this freely? Who can testify this, anyway? Easy answer: our 4th year high school students and the alumni.

And... what's worse is that, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back, he was making a Math Park as the project of the whole school, so he had to obtain P50.00 each student. With about 400 students, that's a total of P20,000 and to our dismay, there was no result. Question now is, where has the money gone to?

My feelings about my teacher right now is really different... I somewhat feel an evil aura around me. Not to mention about after hearing those rumors, I'm a person easily-influenced by ideals and all those kinds of stuff. It's not easy for me to take this, despite the fact that I'm conscious about who I am.

Uhhh... Why is this suppose to be related to Usui, anyway? @__@

Thing is, it's another teacher that told us about this. What's more about how she describes him is that he's like a girl: VERY moody. Sad to say, it really kind of makes him sound... gay, and not to mention, he's a male teacher that I'm looking up to 'cause I want to be like him (not until now, since I know he's like a girl).

Err, lol? Usui? Like a girl? Moody? Girly? Nonsense. = ="

Main point is that in this episode, he's been easily influenced by the fortune-telling. Usui is someone that everyone can look up to, but that easily-influenced reaction reminds me of our Geometry teacher, which makes me think "I DON'T WANT TO GIVE A DAMN."

[Two days later after this draft post.]

I'm a guy that easily wavers, but struggles hard not to. To put it simply, this post's just to take off my dark feelings for that said teacher. Relating it to Usui is kind of BS, and hurts a lot of fans, I know.

I'm sorry if I did (and for the wall of text). :(

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