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Iron Man isn’t worth watching – based on episode one. I’ll give it two more shots. If nothing works, then this isn’t just MADHOUSE.

OP: Fine. Really nice Iron Man-theme, but for some reason, it hasn’t become my taste.

As thrilled as I was that most of my anticipated anime, including Iron Man, is premiering on October 1, 2010, it had let me down. Half of the show was used up on talking, and nothing in particular was worth remembering except for the character buildup of Tony Stark, who’s seemingly perverted and who’s seemingly arrogant.

I’m not a huge fan of Iron Man or anything, but I do think it is was worth the anticipation. I have watched some movies of Iron Man and has really made me happy, but still, I can’t seem to put the pieces together on why I can never be in love with the Iron Man series. As for the comic book, I’m not interested, not because they’re books with pictures, but because there are other things worth reading.

Enough about the blabber on why the Iron Man in this anime has let me down. Let’s proceed to something more specific than general, negatively.

So, Tony Stark is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, who also voiced Fullmetal Alchemist’s Maes Hughes. There’s really something about his voice that’s been making me irk since then. It’s either his acting wasn’t good enough (which I highly doubt so) or Tony Stark just isn’t my feel. I had a hard time thinking about whether Tony Stark is really perverted or not or is he really arrogant or not. The voice feels kind of different. I know that they probably did it on purpose, but it isn’t just Anime.

And the art doesn’t feel right to me. I previously mentioned “[…] this isn’t just MADHOUSE,” and I was referring to the too westernized art. It was fine. I’m cool with it, but I hope I get used to it sooner or later or I’ll probably really drop it faster.

Anyway, the new Iron Man Suit, Dio, was like “kewl.” But to be honest, I wasn’t really “surprised” about it; I was more like “interested”. Comparing the old Iron Man suit to Dio, it would’ve blown into pieces already! Even when Dio fell, it wasn’t damage; if it were the old Iron Man suit, it would’ve seriously took the beating.

Although, unexpectedly, while the trainees were testing the Dio suit, a virus brainwashed their buddy and killed them, and proceeds to the exit without fail. As Iron Man catches up, they go into a short fight. Of course, the old Iron man wins the fight, but, while expecting that Dio would fight back, a giant robot scorpion ambushes him. Iron Man easily wins their fight but leaves mysteries behind, and OMFGNOWAI, the Dio suit is gone in a short amount of time. Oh gawd.

ED: Very good music. Really artistic animation but little.

“So, will you continue blogging this show?”
Please hope I can. It just means it sucks this bad that I can’t even blog something I’ve already started.

P.S. I did this as a half-assed review. I tell you, I can’t say anything more about the disappointment in Iron Man. I think I expected too much… too much.

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