Cat Shit One — Gets English Dub for Free HD Streaming

An English dub has been produced for the computer-animated Cat Shit One anime, and the producers are planning to use it for a free, high-definition stream worldwide. The anime was initially planned for 12 episodes, and one episode, about 22 minutes long, has been produced. That episode was already streamed with Japanese dialogue in Japan this past summer.

Studio Anima director Kazuya Sasahara adapted Motofumi Kobayashi's Cat Shit One manga for the anime. ADV Manga released three volumes of the original Cat Shit One manga under the title Apocalypse Meow in North America. The manga follows three American soldiers — Bota, Perky and Rats — during the Vietnam War. The trio just happen to be cute animals in the Cat Shit One recon group.


Image © 2010 Motofumi Kobayashi/anima inc./IDA

Update: 2009 trailer removed due to geographical restrictions. Thanks, LUNI_TUNZ.
I watched this show for a few minutes to see if it could stop me from sleeping, but it didn't work. It was really impressive, but I was just so tired...

I should really watch this show.

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